Pak Klong Market Bangkok

Established since 1953 with the establishment of a marketing organization. Located at the mouth of Klong Talat Market, Wangpet, Wang Burapha Bhirom district, Phranakhon on the land market organization of 5 acres, 3 jobs, 1 square wah is the largest market for agricultural products. It consists of a four-storey office building, one rear three-storey building, one office building, two offices, one after-storey, and 14 market buildings. There are 1,513 commercial or commercial rental units classified by category.

1.1) 665 commercial tenants
1.2) Port of loading and unloading of cargo
1.3) Road and parking within the market.
1.4) There is an internal shipping service. (Work with a wheelchair)
1.5) Infrastructure and public utilities