Taling Chan Farmer Market, Bangkok

Established on the land of the parcel. Rented by the Department of the Treasury area of ​​21 rai 3 jobs located at Suan Pakkred Road, Maha Sawat, Talingchan, Talingchan, Bangkok. Neighboring with the branch office 2, Department of land transport. Ministry of Transport Construction is carried out jointly with the private construction of the following.

5.1) 1 storey 6 storey building
5.2) 1st floor is a panel of 940 panels
5.3) The second floor is a panel of 889 panels.
5.4) The third floor is Taling Chan Branch Office and parking lot.
5.5) The fourth floor is a 98-room flat.
5.6) The fifth floor is a 98-room flat.
5.7) The 6th floor is a 98-room flat.
5.8) One storey one-storey commercial building with 273 panels
5.9) 3-storey commercial building with 166 rooms
5.10) Utilities, public utilities, such as roads, electricity, water, wastewater treatment plants. And the pier along the Mahasawat Canal.