1. Create a public market to meet the demand
2. Improve public market , which is already providing hygienic and modern
3. Encourage the private market
4. To encourage the production of commodities and provide sufficient market demand
5. Manage transport commodities to the market to ease
6. Take Control , and Director of Marketing Services Organization

The organization operates under the authority of Section 6 and such power shall include the following

( 1 ) Create Acquisition borrow, lend , rent, lease, rent , lease, own, possess or operate machines on site. Or any property On the market
( 2 ) borrowing or lending. With a secured party Or by agents Or the property has been donated to the market. And improve market If the loan amount is more than three million baht must be approved by Cabinet before .
( 3 ) trade and transport
( 4 ) the investment or as a partner in the firm . Or hold shares in the company The establishment or implementation of marketing
( 5 ) rules on the marketing of the organization
( 6 ) the circumstances of the market, and to promote the production of commodities to be sufficient for the needs of the market.