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Perfomance 2018

1. Policy Implementation          
1.1 GFMIS-SOE Transmission (Weighted 1 percent)






1.2 The success of the development of safe agricultural markets.

(Weighted 9 percent)






1.3 The success of the economic foundation. (Weighted 5 percent)          
1.4The success of the expansion of the Ministry of the Interior network. (Weighted 5 percent)          
2. Results of operations of state-owned enterprises          
financial indicators (Million baht)          
2.1 Gains (losses) on market operations before depreciation Deferred Amortization and Interest Expenses (Market-Oriented Marketing Only) (EBITDA)






2.2 Efficiency in Operating Expense Management
Non-financial indicators(level)          
2.3 Number of certified markets
2.4 occupancy rate
3. Financial statement          
Before certifying the statements
After certification the statements          

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  • Financial statement 2556
  • Financial statement 2557
  • Financial statement 2558
  • Financial statement 2559(Unaudited)
  • Financial statement 2560(Unaudited)

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