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In the government's Chom Phon. Phibulsongkram Prime Minister. It considers that The Temple of the Reclining Buddha Monastery Monk class (Wat Pho) is priceless ancient monastery. The worship of the general public. The sights Many foreigners But the surroundings are dirty mess. A slum-like conditions Due to the Vendors have grown penthouse residence and place numerous consumer goods. Sales is a permanent problem for the public and the government is very serious. If the government to expel . Vendors and their families will suffer no government has made a living by establishing a marketing organization based solutions . At the flower market The location is right . Has easy access to both water and land for the establishment . Based Marketing Organization At the flower market The location is right . Has easy access to both water and land to set up a fruit and vegetable market support . And moved to the integrity of the wholesale market for fresh vegetables Poters County . ( Old Town Market ), the combined area of the same flower market . Marketing Organization was established on 19 November 2496 by the "Decree marketing organization established in 2496 ", which was first established . The Department of Public Welfare Ministry of the Interior Funding for operations under Article 8 of the decree establishing the number of 15 million baht , the government pays the initial capital of five million baht for the first time And pay increases from time to time by the government deems appropriate. But the actual amount of initial capital at the marketing organization . Received from the budget only 2,000,000 baht.Marketing organizations need to borrow an additional amount of 15 million baht from the Government Savings Bank , as well as to finance its operations. Gross 17 million bahtThe government agreed that the Department of Public Welfare . Does not have to be administered directly to the purposes of the decree . Marketing Organization Since the beginning of the operation . In order to streamline operations on 1 March 2501 . The transfer of the marketing organization The Department of Internal Trade Ministry of Commerce I saw that Internal Trade Department is responsible about . Business Commerce Able to control the marketing organization to achieve the objectives of establishing it .During the four years that the marketing organization under the Internal Trade Department . Ministry of Commerce Affairs do not progress as expected by the government, Mr. Chom Phon Sarit Thanarat Prime Minister has ordered the transfer of the marketing organization . The Ministry of the Interior on 24 January 2505 , which has since then, the operation of the marketing organization has developed and implemented until now .Marketing Organization is a state agency under the Ministry of Interior . Operation of the objectives set out in the law and authority , using funds from the revolving fund of the marketing organization . Not request any budget . The money was sent Revenue at a rate of 50 percent of annual net profits . Throughout today

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