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Marketing Organization is a state enterprise. Ministry of Interior It is responsible for the development. And government network marketing. And promote private joint markets. As a governmental mechanism for the distribution of goods and goods to the people today, the two tasks are: 1) the management of the space market. There are 5 responsible markets and 2) other business ventures, such as dealing with the distribution of rice and raw food to prisons and government agencies.

1) Market Operations
To create a public market to meet the needs of the people. Use the agency's budget. And Marketing Organization To remit 50% of net income annually by establishing a public market. There are 5 public services.

1.1 Pak Klong Market Branch, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok

Area of ​​5 rai 3 ngan 1 sq.m. Land ownership belongs to the Marketing Organization.

1.2 Nong Muang Market Branch, Nong Muang District, Lopburi

Area of ​​4 rai 2 ngan. Land ownership belongs to the Marketing Organization.

1.3 Lamphun Market Branch, Muang District, Lamphun

Area of 3 rai. Land of The Treasury Department

1.4 Bang Khla Market Branch, Bangkla District, Chachoengsao

Area of ​​15 rai. Land ownership belongs to the Marketing Organization.

1.5 Taling Chan Market Branch, Taling Chan District, Bangkok

Area of 21 rai 3 ngan. Land of The Treasury Department

by the Bang Khla Market Branch and Taling Chan Market Branch, The marketing organization also operates a rental business for residential and commercial buildings.

2) other business

These Include the delivery of rice, raw food and fuel (wood-fired, chaff) to the State agency, especially the Department of Correctional facilities which is an optional mission to find the income for the Marketing Organization and the other part in addition to the action on the market and also to promote the farmers in the local source is available productivity of their more Marketing Organization, Shipment raw food cooked rice and fuel to the prison inmate of the Department of Correctional facilities throughout the country and the public more during the fiscal year 1972 - 1976, the Marketing Organization And fuel By the Cabinet Special case In the fiscal year 1989, the Cabinet resolution was abolished. And the market organization. Participating in bidding to bid for raw food and fuel compete with private and other state enterprises.

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