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New Age Market for the People Reduce the cost of living Create a career for the community
"Ministry of Interior Market Organization Is the main organization of the country To create a central market and a local network as a channel for distribution
and recognition of agricultural product production and community products. "

Promote the market organization of the marketing organization as a "center and distribution" of agricultural products. And community products
Maintain and expand market base. Distribution of rice And raw foods increase.
To manage, promote and develop personnel in the organization for maximum effectiveness.
Property development And expand other business bases. Together with partner organizations network.

Provide sufficient public space to meet the needs.
Improve the already existing and hygienic public markets.
Promote the private market
Organize and promote sufficient commodity production to meet market demand.
Manage transportation and logistics systems to market easily.
Organize, control and service the organization's marketing.

Create, buy, borrow, rent, lease, rent, lease, lease, hold, own, hold or operate any appliance, service or property. About the market
Borrow or loan Secured by a person. Or with property Or get the property that is dedicated to the market. And improve the market Borrowing if the amount
exceeds three million baht must be approved by the Cabinet.
Trade and freight
Invest money or become a partner in a partnership Or share in a limited company To establish or operate the market
Organize the organization's marketing arrangements.
To do other things to promote the market and the production of commodities to meet the needs of the market.

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